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Welcome, prospective member, to Invicta! On this page, we hope to give you all the information you need to choose Invicta as your alliance and home in Cyber Nations. This page will discuss the general population of Invicta, the type of people we like to have in our community, how our government and ministries are structured, and how you can get involved. Finally, we will show you what Invicta can do for you, and how to join our great alliance.

If, after reading this page, you still have further questions, see the 'Have more Questions?' section near the bottom of the page for further resources and ways to contact us.

Members and Community

Invicta sees itself not as merely a Cyber Nations alliance, but as a home away from home for each and every one of our members. We're a family, and like every family, we're diverse in our interests and beliefs, but cohesive in defense of our own. We talk about our problems, we vent out our frustration, we care for each other, we give each other advice, we tutor one another in school. We discuss our interests, and find others who share them. There are always plenty of discussions on those issues that are important to our members, both serious and silly, from sports to science and pop culture to politics. Everyone's interests and opnions work together to form a fun and vibrant community.

For those who are interested, there are always jobs to be done, and everyone is welcome to help out where they can. Whether you're good with people, good with computers, good with a paintbrush, or good with words, there's a place for you to help Invicta soar. When we all put our strengths together, the results can be truly spectacular! However, not everyone has the time or desire to hold a job in Invicta, and that's okay, too. If you're active on the forums and IRC, you have a place here in Invicta just as important as the President of the alliance.

Member activity is very important to Invicta, and we pride ourselves on having an involved and informed community. We look for members who are interested in the alliance and their fellow members. Whether you're discussing the game or discussing current events, being involved in the community and sharing our thoughts with other members helps us grow a strong bond that makes Invicta something worth protecting. It also makes Invicta a fun alliance, a place where our members can kid around and enjoy themselves.


Invicta's government is organized as a constitutional monarchy, with the roles of our individual officials defined both by the Charter of Invicta, our written constitution, as well as by tradition, our unwritten constitution. Our Lord Protector, Jorost, is Invicta's head of state, and presides over the government in a 'figurehead' capacity. Under him is the Senior Government: the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Advisors, and Ministers. These members are appointed by the President, who also appoints his successor.

There are four ministries in Invicta: one for war, one for foreign affairs, one for internal affairs, and one for finance. Each of the four Ministers may appoint Deputy Ministers as needed, which together form the Junior Government. Each Ministry is essential to the smooth operation of our alliance, and will be explained in more detail below.

Ministry of War

The Ministry of War has a chain of command much as you would expect of any military, because it is our military. When you become a member, you become a knight in our army, and it's your job to fight to defend Invicta should we go to war. Above our brave knights, the Ministry of War is divided into two separate yet equally-important groups: Military Command, who formulate strategy, and Military Intelligence, who gather information. Military Command consists of a hierarchy of non-commissioned officers (NCOs), lieutenants, colonels, and generals, headed by the Minister of War himself. Military Intelligence consists primarily of NCOs who gather pertinent, open-source intelligence and report it to Military Command, who uses it to make the decisions necessary to defend Invicta.

To be a part of the Ministry of War, you will need to be a good leader. You will need some experience leading a group of individuals. You will need to be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions. If you want to be in Military Command, you will need to speak with the Minister of War. If you want to be in Military Intelligence, you can speak with the Director of Intelligence, but it's not a job you can just apply to—they will reach out to trustworthy individuals when they see them.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

While war is sometimes necessary, it hurts our members, and Invicta as a whole. To protect us from the horrors of war, we rely on the steadfast diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This ministry is responsible for building our relations with other alliances, and keeping our friends and allies informed of developments involving Invicta. The Ministry of Foreign affairs primarily consists of our diplomats and ambassadors, who spend time with other alliances, maintaining our embassies and protecting our image across the cyberverse. Because our diplomats are the public face of Invicta, anything they do, good or bad, reflects on the alliance as a whole.

To be in Foreign Affairs, you must be able to talk to people you don't know, you need to be fun, friendly, and able to make jokes (even at your own expense). You have to get along well with others, and be mature when talking to other alliances. Remember that what you do reflects on the alliance as a whole. If you're immature, we all look immature.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

While Invicta has Foreign Affairs to deal with everything outside our alliance, we have Internal Affairs to deal with everything inside our alliance. The Ministry of Internal Affairs deals with recruiting new members, screening applicants, educating new members, keeping records, checking in with our members, and settling disputes between members. It's also responsible for maintaining our forums, and making sure they're being used by our members effectively. To deal with these tasks, there are several jobs in Internal Affairs: intern, staff, writer, recruiter, and academy instructor, all beneath the Minister and Deputy Ministers.

To work effectively in Internal Affairs, you need to be organized. Depending on your position, you will have different responsibilities and will be required to have different strengths. Writers have to have a way with words, recruiters must be able to answer questions and convince people to join the alliance, and staff will need to keep records, check in with our members, and weed out those claiming to be in our alliance who really are not.

Ministry of Finance

Like every organization, Invicta wouldn't be complete without a roster of great accountants to manage its finances—and with dozens of nations all needing advice to grow and prosper, Invicta needs the best available. The Ministry of Finance is headed by a board of directors, all of whom report to the Minister of Finance, our Chief Financial Officer. Counted as members of the board are the Director of Aid and Banking, the Director of Technology, and the Director of Special Tasks. Each one has an area of expertise and the staff beneath them to make for an efficient workplace.

If you want to be in the Ministry of Finance, you need to be good with numbers. You will be required to do quick math and interpret your results to make recommendations as to what should be done in a given situation, whether it be a nation in need of advice or alliance-wide reconstruction following a war. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the Minister of Finance will be able to find a place for you.

As stated above, not every member of Invicta has a job, and that's okay. Even if none of the ministries seems appropriate to your skills, you'll still be able to fit in and help Invicta grow through other means. If they do appeal to you, however, you may well be on your way to rising through the ranks of alliance government already!

What can Invicta do for You?

At this point, you may be thinking you know what you could do for Invicta, but what can Invicta do for you? Well, the answer is, 'A lot!' Invicta values its members, and has a lot to offer them both within Cyber Nations and in general. While our sense of community is truly unsurpassed, and you're sure to make friends that will have your back, Invicta has many programs specifically designed to help your nation break free and succeed.

Military protection is key for all nations, but no more so than it is for new nations specifically. Without the protection from an alliance, you are prone to attacks from raiders, who will decimate your nation and leave it to die. Invicta makes sure that our members are protected from the dangers that lurk in the shadowy cyberverse. More often than not, our dilligent Ministry of War will discover attacks on our nations before even their rulers do! When our members are attacked, we work overtime to ensure that they get aid with which to fight and win the war and to rebuild afterwards, and our diplomats get to work to try to secure peace quickly before more damage is done.

While protection for our members is important, so is educating them. Cyber Nations is a complex game, and running the best nation you can requires a great deal of knowledge. Fortunately, our most experienced members work to train new members in the ins and outs of nation-building. Our academy consists of three colleges: the Invicta School of Economics, the Invicta Military Academy, and the Canterbury College, all of which are designed to make you the best ruler you can be. As well, we have detailed guides to show you how to build a strong economy and an even stronger army when it comes to war.

Invicta gives you the opportunity to perfect your nation. When you join Invicta, we give you $6 million in aid. Beyond that, we help you set up trade circles and tech deals, and give you more aid. All this money going into your treasury helps you grow a bigger, stronger nation.

How to join Invicta

If you like what you've just read, think Invicta is the place to call your home, and want to apply to join, then now's the time! You will need to click here to register on our forums. Once you've done that, you can click here to file your application. We hope to see you in Invicta!

Have more Questions?

While this page is designed to give you an overview of Invicta and the sort of alliance we are, we recognize you may still have more questions, and we want to hear them! If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to click here to join our chat room for prospective members such as yourself. If you just want to chat with some Invicta members, you can click this link to join our public IRC channel (be aware, however, that there may be members of other alliances there as well).

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